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Vaibhav Bedi is working at Singapore University of Technology & Design as Research Assistant and course instruction at HAKIN 9 Magazine.

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Profile - About Me

Vaibhav Bedi
  • Vaibhav Bedi
  • Sep 14
  • Singapore, 520826
  • +65-85997279

Vaibhav Bedi aka Blackroot always curious to dig in the current and upcoming technology to build applications that can serve humanity and change the world we live in.

He has a total of 2.4 years of experience in building and breaking Smart IoT Devices in various fields such as Biomedical, Embedded system, Additive, and Smart Manufacturing.

He has created an online course on Exploiting IoT Device at Hakin 9 Magazine.

He has Delivered talks and hands-on workshop to more than 500 students for several IoT local chapters and hackerspaces in India.

Loves spending most of his spare time in making, breaking and securing IoT Devices.

Excel at operating and working with hardware

Vaibhav Bedi Vaibhav Bedi hacker Vaibhav Bedi Vaibhav Bedi Vaibhav Bedi Vaibhav Bedi
Area of Interest
Internet of Things
Industry 4.0
Reverse Engineering
Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking
Penetration Testing
Speaker & Blogger
Technology Expertise

    Reversing & Exploiting Firmware
    Hardware Hacking
    Bluetooth Hacking and Exploitation
    Radio Waves Hacking
    Reversing ARM Binaries
    Application Security


• Sucessfully Delivered the talk on Exploiting IoT Devices at RedTeam Secuirty Summit 2019, Calicut.
• Delivered the Firmware reverse Engineering hands-on workshop at RedTeam Secuirty Summit 2019, Calicut.
• Delivered the Firmware reverse Engineering hands-on workshop at CoCon 2019, Kochi.
• Delivered the Firmware reverse Engineering hands-on workshop at IoT show 2019, Bangalore.
• Sucessfully Delivered the talk on IoT Device Penetration Testing at Test tribe community.
• Sucessfully Delivered the talk on BLE Device Exploitation at Null Bangalore open source community.

• Demonstrated Industry Smart ware Project in IMTEX 2017-Machine Tool Exhibition,Bangalore.
• Won a National Technical Competition Smart Manufacturing-Industry Smart-ware At Manufacturing Today Conference & Awards 2016 organizes by ADITYA BIRLA GROUP.
• Secured 1st position in LIVE-Project competition on the occasion of “TechInvent2k16” at Chandigarh Group of College, Landran.
• Secured 2nd position in Circuit-Mania competition on the occasion of “TechInvent2K16” at JMIT Radaur.
• Secured 2nd position in RAM-ROM competition on the occasion of “TechInvent2K16” at JMIT Radaur.
• Secured 1st position in Business Plan Competition conducted by Entrepreneurship Development Cell at JMIT Radaur.
• Secured 3rd position in Project Exhibition competition on the occasion of “SwarooMM-2017 organized by Maharishi Markandeshwar University Ambala.
• Demonstrated project in Industrial Exhibition on the occasion of “TechInvent2017” organized by Chandigarh.

A system for detecting the biological molecule using the micro fluidic technique.
Application Number : 201811047739
Submit Date : 17/12/2018
Status : Pending

Resume - Personal Info

Profile Summary
➢Almost 2.4 years of experience in Embedded System, Internet of Things, Medical devices and cyber security.
➢ Extensively worked on performing the penetration testing on various IT products and applications like BLE based smart bulb, Home automation based switch, Cough Assist medical device, Smart connected TV application and Esp8266 Wi-Fi chip.
➢ Expertise in application security assessment, IoT security Testing, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi fuzzing, firmware analysis, and Hardware Security testing.
➢ Expertise in performing the attack surface mapping on the IT products and analyze the components.
➢ Hands on experience with extracting firmware, JTAG exploitation, SPI, I2C, and UART.
➢ Delivered the talks in various open source communities like NULL Bangalore, c0c0n kerala, Red Team Security Summit, OWASP and Test Tribe.
➢ Love to spend most of my free time in making, breaking and securing IoT devices.
➢ Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills.
  • Indian Institute of Technology,Indore
    • Developing a social network of industrial assets to enable smart decision making.
  • Cutting Edge Medical Devices Pvt Ltd, Delhi
    • IR based optoelectronic device for measuring displacement and timer Circuits.
  • Department of Science & Technology, Delhi
    • Monitoring the health of UAV in Ground Computer using Mission Planner.
Programming Skills
C Language
Language Skills
My Resume
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  • Research Assistant Jan 2020 - Present
    Singapore University of Design & Technology
    • IoT Security
  • Security Engineer Jan 2019 - Sep 2019
    L & T Tech Services
    • Application Security
    • IoT security Testing
    • Wi-Fi Fuzzing
    • Hardware Security Testing
  • IoT Security Researcher May 2018 – Nov 2018
    Attify Mobile Security Pvt Ltd
    • Generated some of the modulation types to send data from Arduino Nano, and then receive it using GNU radio and Gqrx to decode it to the original data.
    Tools Used– Arduino nano, Gqrx, Hack RF, GNU Radio-companion, Inspectrum, Audacity
    • Has extensive experience in using BTLEjuice for the security of BLE Smart Bulb.
    • Used Attify Badge to explore JTAG and extract the firmware of various IoT devices.
    Tools & Technologies hands-on with:-
    Bluetooth tool – Hcitool, Gatttool, characteristics, Services, Bleah, Bluetooth HCI snoop log. Contribution
    • Performed various attacks on IoT Smart Devices.
  • Project Associate June 2017 – May 2018
    Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
    • A micro fluidic-based point of care testing device for measuring urine albumin using a novel organic dye.

  • Bachelor of Engineering 2013 - 2017
    Kurukshetra University
    Completed graduation in Electronics & communication Enginnering from Seth Jai Parkash Mukand Lal Institute Of Engineering And Technology, Radaur

Key Skills
Environment : Linux,windows,Git
Open Source Tools : Brupsuite, Wireshark, Nmap
Development Board : AVR(Atmega8), Arduino, Esp8266, Raspberry Pi
Protocols : MQTT,TCP,HTTP,HTPS,Zigbee
  • 1. Dr. Bhupesh Kumar Lad
    Associate Professor
    Principal Investigator, Newton-Bhabha Project
    Discipline of Mechanical Engineering
    School of Engineering,
    Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.
    Email:, Website:
    2. Dr. Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury
    Assistant Professor
    Principal Investigator, IMPRINT Project
    Discipline of Electrical and Computing
    School of Engineering,
    Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India.
    Email:, Website:

Research Projects

Attify Security Pvt Ltd
Exploiting BLE Smart Bulb Security using the BTLEjuice framework.
BtleJuice is a framework to performing a Man-in-the-Middle (MiTM) attack on BLE devices.BtleJuice is composed of two components - an interception proxy and a core. These two components are required to run separately on two systems each having a Bluetooth 4.0+ adapter attached. Rather than using two separate physical machines, we have used the one physical machine and another Virtual Machine(VM) running on the same host. One of the adapters will be attached to the host and the other to the VM. We have exported the captured data to a file and analyze that.
Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi
A point of care testing device for measuring urine albumin using a novel organic dye.
The current medical diagnostics industry in India operates on a decentralized model, requiring patients to undergo a multi-step process to obtain test results. This results in a large time delay between the acquisition of a urine sample and the delivery of results to the patient, and an additional patient visit to obtain the test results and reducing patient compliance. This is especially concern in rural areas, where patients live long distances from clinics. The aim of this project is to decentralize testing by developing a point-of-care testing device that can be used in a local clinic.
Indian Institute of Technology, Indore
Developing a social network of industrial assets to enable smart decision making.
The technology developed in this project involves multiple engineering domains. The project is based on Industry 4.0, which involves application of cyber physical system (CPS), Industrial IoT and Computer Optimization. The idea of this project was to include these three concepts to create a system capable of remote monitoring of machines and intelligent planning of the production chains autonomously. The autonomy of the system is the key of the project as it represents the interaction of the real and virtual world in manufacturing, along with 'decentralized intelligence' to create a perpetual intelligent network of machines. In simple terms, when a machine finishes its job, it communicates with the machines down-the-line in the chain to instructor inform them about what exactly has to be done next, without external human interference. With the advancement of internet technology e-manufacturing, e-commerce, e-procurement, etc. have already became a reality and this project has given a motivation to more extended concept called "Smart Manufacturing' where people will want to browse, customize,order, and run the factories to get their products made by themselves. Design a Social Network based system of 3D Printer Machine for generalized group-based communication between industrial assets
A social network indicates a relationship between people or organizations and how they are connected through social familiarities. So similar our project is also based on social networking concept (like Google+ Circles, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.) Simply put, this means various machines, products, raw materials will 'talk' (by tweeting) to each other for a cause (decision making). For implementing this idea we have designed user interface of login page and machine profile using java When machine entered log of text such as User ID and passwords then login option sends the request in SQL database using jQuery_ If the machine is registered in database then it's allow the machine to show its personal profile. And personal profile indicates about the machine information like when machine has purchase, where it has purchase etc. and also machine automatically snatch the photos of live events and share with other machine profile and also store in database. Group indicates a when groups will be formed; what groups will be formed, what information would be shared by machines, when it will be shared,etc So each and every machines interact with each other through chat box using M2M connectivity.
Edge Medical Devices Pvt Ltd, Delhi
IR based optoelectronic device for measuring displacement and timer Circuits
The techniques involve in this project Intensity based sensing for measuring a distance between the light source and a detector; in which the light intensity reflected from the object onto the detector (device) and also device senses the light source and automatically rotate the servo motor with respect to 90 degree angle (as defined in coding).lf there is any interpretation in the signal intensity will be change distance. The two IR sensor used in this device for detecting the light source.
Department of Science & Technology, Delhi
Monitoring the health of UAV in Ground Computer using Mission Planner
The goal of this project is to basically develop the communication system of the UAV to the Ground Slation; Commonly known as Telemetry which basically sends real-time data like Altitude; Attitude; Battery Health; etc to the Ground Computer. For established the communication system we have used two XBee radios (one for the ground station and one for the vehicle) and one is connected with ground station computer and another one which can be connected to the flight controller (pixhawk).After successfully established the communication we have analyzed the data in Mission Planner software using various experimental observation and monitor the condition of UAV.

Contact - Contact Me

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  • Adress: Singapore, 520826.

  • Email:
  • Phone: +65-85997279
  • Website:
  • Skype: BlackRoot
  • Twitter: BlaKRooT
  • Instagram:Blackroot_Vaibhav
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